Alertmanager alerts
with Amazon SES

Published Aug 30, 2019 by Ricard Bejarano

I am a happy Prometheus user.

The conditions I monitor for may require human intervention, therefore we need alerting. I use Alertmanager for that.

Out of Alertmanager’s notification receivers, I like email, for which we need a SMTP server.

This is where Amazon Simple Email Service comes into play.
SES is, essentially, SMTP as a service.

Integrating Alertmanager with Amazon SES

  1. Verify your domain name

  2. Create your SMTP credentials

  3. Add the following configuration to Alertmanager:

# alertmanager.yml:
  - name: "email"
      - to: "${TO_EMAIL_ADDRESS}"      #
        from: "${FROM_EMAIL_ADDRESS}"  #
        smarthost: "email-smtp.${SES_SMTP_REGION}"
        auth_username: "${SES_SMTP_USERNAME}"
        auth_password: "${SES_SMTP_PASSWORD}"
        require_tls: true

Reload Alertmanager and you should be all set.

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