Moving my Steam
library to a NAS

Published Aug 26, 2019 by Ricard Bejarano

I no longer have this setup, so the following may be outdated.

Please let me know if there's something wrong.



Prerequisites: hardware

I have tried this project a couple times already.

The first time was a failure because the server had spinning drives in it. Sequential operations where quick enough, but random reads made it impossible to play.

I recently switched to SSDs though, so now randoms are fast enough that storage is no longer the bottleneck.

Prerequisites: network


  1. Follow this first guide to export a SMB shared folder.

  2. Follow this second guide to mount your shared folder on Windows.

  3. Follow this other guide to create a Steam library folder in your network drive and move your games one by one into it.

  4. Optionally, validate your games’ integrity.


The good

The bad

The ugly

Games tested

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